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Lucid Miticide/Insecticide (Abamectin) (generic Avid) - 1 Qt

Lucid Miticide/Insecticide

Lucid is a highly effective insecticide used to control mites and leaf miners. It can be used effectively on shadehouse, greenhouse, and field grown ornamentals. It's also a great tool for Christmas tree farms and other woody ornamentals producers.

Its unique mode of action makes abamectin (the active ingredient in Lucid) an excellent choice for nursery professionals, Christmas tree and woody ornamental growers.

Excellent choice in an insecticide resistance management program. Can be mixed with horticultural spray oils for improved performance on certain species.

Insects Controlled or Suppressed (but not limited to) include: European Red Mite Two-spotted Spider Mite Carmine Spider Mite Southern Red Mite Spruce Spider Mite Cyclamen & Broad Mites Rust and Bud Mites Boxwood Leafminers Liriomyza Leafminers Aphids Thrips Whiteflies