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Manzate Pro Stick Fungicide - 6 Lbs.

Manzate Pro-Stick Crop FungicideDispersible Granules
Manzate fungicide provides advanced formulation technology in the fight against key crop diseases. A multi-site protectant fungicide, Manzate prevents pathogenic organisms from adapting and mutating. Even after decades of use, fungal strains have not developed resistance to Manzate.
  • Multi-site, broad spectrum control
  • Unique, dependable formulations
  • Important resistance management tool
  • FRAC Class M3

Rate of use:1.6-6.4 oz./acre for crops; 11-22 lbs./acre for sod farms
Active ingredient: 75% Mancozeb (15% Manganese; 1.9% Zinc; 58.1% Ethylenebisdithiocarbamate ion)

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