MaxAcid 30-10-10 Acidifying Fertilizer - 1 Lb.

MaxAcid 30-10-10 Soil Acidifying Water Soluble Fertilizer

Specially formulated for acid loving shrubs, trees, and plants including: Azalea, Blueberry, Dogwood, Camellia, Gardenia, Holly, Hydrangea, Juniper, Pine, Rhododendron, and all evergreens. Also for acid loving tropicals such as Hibiscus, Ixora, and Bougainvillea.

  • Contains chelated minor elements
  • Promotes deep rich green color

Application rate:
Spray at 2 teaspoons or drench at 2 tablespoons per gallon. For lawns, use 1 pound per 1000 square feet in 10 gallons of water.

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