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Nortica 10 WP Nematicide - 35 Lbs.

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Nortica 10WP Nematicide

Nortica 10 WP is a biological product proven to manage nematode problems. The naturally occurring active ingredient is a living bacteria called Bacillus firmus, which protects turf roots from nematodes while delivering exceptional benefits to the root systems. Roots grow deeper, and turf looks healthier.  
  • Naturally occurring active ingredient manages nematodes--before the problem starts
  • Improved turf quality, density and color for highly playable turf
  • Sprayable for easy application with no course closure
  • Proven management of lance, sting and root knot nematodes
  Pests controlled: Cyst, lance, lesion, root-knot, sheath, spiral, sting and stunt nematodes   Rate of use: for first application, use 35-50 lbs./acre (0.80-1.15 lb./1000 sq. ft.); succeeding applications should be 17.5-50 lbs./acre, depending on length of interval   Active ingredient:10% Bacillus firmus (strain I-1582)

Guaranteed Analysis:
14% Total Nitrogen (Ammoniacal Nitrogen)
21% Soluble Potash
Derived from: Ammonium Chloride & Potassium Chloride
51% Chlorine (Cl) Maximum

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