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Nu Film 17 Sticker Extender - 1 Gallon

Nu Film 17 Sticker Extender

Nu Film 17 is a superior Sticking-Extending adjuvant with non-ionic properties designed to increase the effective life of an agrichemical after application. Nu Film 17 forms a soft, elastic film through polymerization which encapsulates and tenaciously holds the pesticide on the crop surface. Nu Film 17 may be used with products designed for agricultural, forestry, ornamental, industrial vegetation, turf, and non-cropland uses.
Rate of use: varies depending on application method and type of plant being treated; see label for full details
Principal functioning agents: 100% Pinene (diterpenes) Polymers, hydrocarbon resin, petrolatum a-(p-Dodecylphenyl)-Omega-hydroxypoly (oxyethylene)
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