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Paczol Ornamental Growth Regulator - 1 Gallon

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Paczol Ornamental Plant Growth Regulator

Paczol is an extremely active plant growth regulator that can significantly curtail unwanted plant growth through reduced internode elongation. It works by inhibiting gibberellic acid formation. Paczol may be used on ornamental plants grown in commercial greenhouses, shadehouses, nurseries, and interiorscapes.
Application rate: Paczol label rates are dependent on the crop treated and the level of plant regulation desired. Rates range from 1-30 ppm Drench and 5-100 ppm Spray. 1 ppm = 1 milliliter/gallon; 5 ppm = 4.7 milliliter/gallon; 30 ppm = 1 fluid ounce per gallon. Refer to the product label for specific rates.

Active ingredient: 0.4% Paclobutrazol
Product Label