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Pentra-Bark Bark Penetrating Surfactant - 1 Gallon

Pentra-Bark Bark Penetrating Surfactant


PENTRA-BARK is a superior nonionic wetting agent, designed for improving penetration through bark of water based basal applications. PENTRA-BARK may be used in agriculture, horticulture,industrial, and forestry operations. It is designed for fast spreading, uniform distribution and absorption of spray on leaf and stem surfaces. PENTRA-BARK may be used with most pesticides and fertilizer products (see cautionary statements under directions for use). Optimum application and consequent effects can be influenced by many factors. It is recommended that the spray beobserved and adjuvant rates be adjusted accordingly. During application, ensure thorough coverage without excessive runoff.

PENTRA-BARK is a nonionic organosilicone wetting agent designed for use in certain agricultural and horticultural uses where a nonionic surfactant is recommended. Suggested Rates for the use with various categories of chemicals are as follows:

Ounces of PENTRA-BARK to add
Chemical Group per 100 gal. of spray mixture
Insecticides, Miticides &Fungicides 6 to 32 fl. oz.
Herbicides 12 to 64 fl. oz.
Glyphosate formulations without added surfactants 12 to 64 fl. oz.
Defoliants & Desiccants 12 to 64 fl. oz.
Fertilizers & Micronutrients 4 to 32 fl. oz.