Provaunt Insecticide - 12 Ounces

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Provaunt Insecticide - 12 Ounces

Provaunt is a water dispersible granular insecticide for the control of lepidopterous larvae (including armyworms, cutworms, sod webworms, bagworms, fall webworms, gypsy moth caterpillars, tent caterpillars, tussock moth caterpillars and yellownecked caterpillars) and other listed pests infesting landscape and recreational (including golf courses) turf grass and landscape ornamentals.

Rate of use: Between 2 - 12 ounces per acre depending on targeted pest, and between 1.25 - 5 ounces per 100 gallons depending on targeted pest. See product label below for full details.

Active Ingredients: Indoxacarb - 30%

Product Label