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Quantum Leap (Midnight-type) Kentucky Bluegrass Seed

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Quantum Leap - Kentucky Bluegrass

is a Compact Midnight-type derived from Midnight x Limousine. Quantum Leap offers the best qualities of both varieties including very dark green color and density, along with the aggressive growth of Limousine.

Versatility is a key strength of Quantum Leap. It has demonstrated superior turf quality at all levels of maintenance. This makes Quantum Leap the perfect choice for all applications including sod production, golf course fairways and tees, sports fields and home lawns. Wherever a dense, attractive turf is desired, Quantum Leap is the one to choose. Its exceptional sod strength makes it stand out when wear is an issue.

The dark, rich color of Quantum Leap provides an attractive appearance, even under reduced nitrogen fertilization rates. While moderately aggressive, Quantum Leap is not as thatch-prone as earlier aggressive bluegrasses. This translates into better utilization of resources like moisture and fertilizer. Quantum Leap has also shown excellent resistance to many turfgrass diseases like necrotic ring spot and melting out, as well as pests like chinch bugs so inputs are reduced even more. If heat and drought tolerance are a concern, Quantum Leap will provide relief.