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Rackmaster Feeding Frenzy Seed - 25 Lbs.

Rackmaster Feeding Frenzyis a seed mixture designed to germinate quickly, grow fast and hold whitetails around your food plot for the entire hunting season. A combination of tender small grains, winter hardy rye, brassicas, sweet winter peas and re-seeding high protein clovers are specifically formulated in the correct percentages to ensure that deer can utilize each plot at its maximum potential.

  • 25 pounds covers 1/2 acre
  • Every seed is treated with GermMax (Pennington's germination seed coating) to maximize germination rates and get your plants off to a strong and healthy start
  • Produces fast growing energy rich plants deer can't resist
  • Contains- Winter Peas, Crimson Clover, Wintergrazer 70 Rye, Red Clover, Brassicas, Oats, Wheat and Trophy Radish

After planting Feeding Frenzy, the oats will germinate first and quickly grow, luring deer from surrounding areas to your food plot. The other ingredients will germinate and begin to mature soon after. The time tested sweet winter peas will provide a highly desirable forage which will continue to attract deer to your hunting area. As winter sets in, the carbohydrates in the brassicas are converted to sugars, making the plants highly palatable and promoting energy and nutrition during the coldest months following the rut. The clovers will grow through the winter into spring even after the hunting season is over providing high quality nutrition for post rut bucks and pregnant does.

Every seed is treated with GermMax to maximize germination rates and get your plants off to a strong and healthy start.