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Regal Ladino Clover Seed - 50 Lbs.

Regal Ladino 24% Crude Protein over 3 yrs!

Regal- is a variety of ladino clover that provides high quality , year round forage for deer especially between April and November. Research in northeast Georgia have reported the ladino clovers provide an average of 24% crude protein over three years. One study at the university of Georgia found that out of eight cool season forages, Regal ladino clover was the forage utilized the most throughout the study. Another study evaluated three varieties of ladino clover and found that Regal ladino was the most economical forage to purchase for the nutrition it provided.

Seeds are coated with Nitro-Coat helps to improve crop establishment, provides better emergence, survival and a more robust productive plant. Nitro-CoatSelected strains of very effective Rhizobia provide nodulation and nitrogen fixation. Plant Nitro-Coated Seeds at the same rate per acre as non-coated seeds. Nitro-coat improves your ability to achieve maximum profitability and yield.

Scientific Name
Trifolium repens
Plant Date
February - April or September - October
Seed Rate
10 Lbs per Acre
Depth 1/4 inch Max
Soil Prefers Clay or Loam
Life Cycle
Food Plot
Deer, Turkey, Rabbit, Quail & Pasture Forage

Nb: Regal ladino grows better when planted with small grain like oats, rye or wheat.