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Regalia CG Fungicide 1 Quart

Regalia® CG Biofungicide is labeled for ornamental, greenhouse and garden crops to help control powdery mildew, blight, Anthracnose and other bacterial diseases.

Regalia CG is an organic fungicide for greenhouse and medical plants applications. Use it early for disease prevention and overall plant health, in the middle of the season for disease control and worker safety and late in season to avoid issues of pesticide residues at harvest.


Healthier plants for better yield and harvest quality
Quality control tested to ensure no human microbial pathogens
Natural ingredients stimulate plant immunity and fight diseases
OR, WA, CO & NV approved for medicinal plants pesticides listing

APPLICATION: Foliar (Aerial or Ground), Chemigation, Soil Treatment, Backpack/Hand Sprayer
ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Reynoutria sachalinensis