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Rendition Turf-type Tall Fescue Grass Seeds - 25 lbs.


Rendition was bred to provide dense, very dark green and exceptionally attractive turf with soft leaves.
Quality Turfgrass Rendition is a result of selections and synthetic crosses from 22 elite germplasms collected at Rutgers University in Maryland and at the breeder's Oregon research farm. Further screening of the offspring plants was made based on very dwarf growth habit, turf quality, straight growth form, very dark green color, rust resistance, stress resistance and disease resistance. Rendition produces healthy turf!
Insect and Disease Resistance Rendition has good resistance to Rhizoctonia brown patch, pink patch and crown rust. Its high level of endophyte provides a natural resistance to insects, including sod webworms, bluegrass billbugs, chinch bugs and army worms.

  • Seeding Rate – new lawns 7–10 lbs./1000 sq ft
  • Seeding Rate – overseeding 4–6 lbs./1000 sq ft
  • Planting Dates spring and early fall
  • Planting Zones (map) green
  • Planting Depth 1/4"
  • Optimal pH Range 5.8–6.5
  • Germination 7–14 days
  • Mowing Height 3–4"