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Ridomil Gold SL Fungicide - 1 Pint

Ridomil Gold SL Fungicide

Ridomil Gold SL is a systemic fungicide for use on selected crops to control certain diseases caused by members of the Oomycete class of fungi. Ridomil Gold SL works in vegetables, citrus and potatoes. By using Ridomil as an early-season application, growers can expect ehis super-systemic fungicide to improve stand, root health and crop vigor, maximizing a grower's return on investment. This unique product fits into any grower's fungicide program with flexible application methods and a clear, easy-to-use formulation.

Rate of use:
Ground Application (Broadcast): Apply in a minimum of 20 gallons of water per acre, unless specified otherwise in product label.
Ground Application (Banded):Application rates in the directions for use are generally expressed as an amount per acre which refers to the total crop area being treated. If using a banded application, use proportionally less product using the formula: band width in inches/row spacings in inches X broadcast rate per acre = amound needed per acre of field.
Ground applications (In-Furrow):Apply Ridomil Gold SL as an in-furrow spray in 3 - 7 gallons per acre of water at planting. Mount the spray nozzle so the spray is directed into the furrow just before the seed are covered. See product label for tabe providing common row spacings and the amount of Ridomil Gold SL to apply per acre.
Aerial Application:Apply in a minimum of 3 gallons of water per acre, unless specified otherwise.

Active Ingredients:Mefenoxam - 45.3%

Product Label