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Ropel Animal Repellent Granule - 10 oz.

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Ropel Animal and Rodent Repellent

RO-PEL Animal Repellent protects your lawn, ornamentals, and flower gardens from invasive animal damage. It is a powerful granular deterrent that repels unwanted animals by containing a scent and taste that is offensive to animals. With natural ingredients, this product is biodegradable and not harmful to lawn, ornamentals, and gardens. This product does not harm animals but causes them to avoid the area.
Rate of use: Apply granules around the area you want to protect in a band of about 8 inches wide. Repeat as necessary until animal habit is broken. 10 ounces of this product will treat an area of 50 square feet.
Active Ingredients:Putrescent Whole Egg Solids - 4%Caster Oil - 0.25%White Pepper - 0.01%

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