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Roundup For Herbicide - 1 Qt.

Roundup For Lawns Herbicide


Roundup For Lawns6 is a formula designed specifically for southern grasses that kills weeds, not the lawn! It controls over 90 common lawn weeds, roots and all, and works fast on hard-to-kill weeds such as dollarweed, dandelion, clover and yellow nutsedge. It can be used with confidence on even the most delicate southern grasses, such as Floratam and Centipede. The ready-to-spray applicator is great for broadcast application to your entire lawn and covers up to 6000 square feet. This fast acting formula kills on contact and destroys weeds down to the root so they don't come back. In addition, its rainproof in as little as 4 hours! Roundup For Lawns6 is a simple step towards a beautiful, weed free lawn.Roundup For Lawns6 works great on your lawns, and even better in combination with Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus to kill weeds in your non-lawn areas such as sidewalks, patios, driveways and garden beds for weed killing options all around your home.

  • Kills weeds, not the lawn
  • Kills dollarweed, dandelion, clover and yellow nutsedge
  • Kills 93 types of weeds