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Roundup QuickPro (QuikPro) Herbicide - 6.8 Lbs.

Roundup QuikPro Jug

Water Soluble Granules, for fast action, pull a fast one on weeds, non-selective professional herbicide, for use in non-crop areas and industrial sites.

  • Visible results in 24 hours -
  • Symptoms up to 4X faster than Roundup PRO -
  • Rain-fast in 1 hour
  • All-in-one - quick-mixing formulation

Rate of use: Annuals: 1.2 oz. per gallon. Perennials: 1.5 oz. per gallon. Brush: 1.5 oz. per gallon.

Active Ingredients:
Glyphosate - 73.3%Diquat dibromide - 2.9%
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