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Roundup QuikPro Herbicide - 30 Packets

Roundup QuikPro Herbicide

Roundup QuikPro is a postemergent, systemic herbicide with no residual soil activity. It is non-selective and gives broad-spectrum control of many annual weeds, perennial weeds, woody brush and trees. This product is formulated as a water-soluble granule containing surfactant and no additional surfactant is needed. Apply through most standard sprayers after dissolution and thorough mixing with water according to label instructions.  
  • Visible results in as little as 24 hours--up to four times faster than liquid formulations of Roundup.
  • Quick uptake speeds weed-killing power right to the root, where it can't wash away.
  • Rainfast in one hour.
  • DosePAK is designed for easy storage, handling, and application.

Application: Mix one 1.5-oz. DosePAK with 1 gallon of water.

Active ingredients:
73.3% Glyphosate
2.9% Diquat dibromide

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Each box contains five 1.5 ounce packets. This listing is for a case of six boxes (30 packets total).