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Sanmite Miticide Insecticide - 4 X 1 Oz.

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Sanmite Miticide Insecticide

Sanmite miticide/insecticide is a wettable powder for commercial use and is intended for control of mites and whiteflies on ornamental plants, flowers, and foliage crops. Sanmite provides excellent knock-down and residual control. A good evaluation of performance can generally be made 4 - 7 days after treatment. Sanmite works primarily through contact action. Treat plants when pests are immature or at a susceptible stage and populations are building, before crop damage occurs.


Rate of use:Mites: 4 bags (4 Ounces) per 100 gallons of water. Whiteflies: 4 - 6 bags (4 - 6 ounces) per 100 gallons of water. See product label for list of all plant species tested for tolerance to Sanmite.

Active Ingredients:Chloropyridasin - 75%

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