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Scythe Herbicide - 2.5 Gallons

Scythe Herbicide

Scythe Herbicide is a contact non-selective, broad spectrum, foliar-applied herbicide. This product will only control actively growing emergedgreen vegetation. It provides burndown of both annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds, as well as most mosses and othercryptogams. The degree of burndown and the longevity of control is less when the plants are inactive, mature, or biennial/perennial types.This product is not translocated. It will burn only those plant parts that are coated with spray solution.This product is a non-volatile, emulsifiable concentrate. It can be applied through most standard or field type sprayers after dilution and mixingwith water in accordance with label instructions. For best results, uniform and complete coverage of target plantsis required.Visible effects on most weeds occur within hours. This product does not damage mature, non-green, woody parts of plants. Cool weatherfollowing treatment slows the activity of this product and delays or reduces visual effects.This product provides no residual weed control. Repeat treatments will be necessary for new plants emerging from seed or regrowth oftreated vegetation. Should residual control be desired, use a product labeled for the use situation.
Rate of use:Use the following percentage solutions (volume/volume) to deliver 75 to 200 gallons of the spray solution per acre through boom, hand-heldequipment, or high volume equipment.
  • Use a 3-5% solution for control of annual weeds,mosses and cryptogams. Use the lower rate in the rate range for young, succulent andactively growing weeds and the higher rate for weeds greater than six inches in height or in the flowering stage.
  • Use higher rate for control of mosses, lichens, and other cryptogams on structures and surfaces.
  • Use a 5-7% solution for burndown of perennial herbaceous plant, weeds in a later stage of growth and control of sucker growth.
  • Use thehighest rate for perennial weeds at or beyond the flower stage or when the plants have "hardened".
  • Use a 7-10% solution when maximum vegetative burndown, edging, or foliar trimming is desired.
  • Repeat application as required to maintain desirable level of weed control and to control plants emerging from seed and underground parts.

Active ingredients:Pelargonic Acid*: 57.0%

*Contains 4.2 pounds of pelargonic acid per U.S. gallon
**Contains petroleum distillates

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