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Segway Turf Fungicide - 39.2 Ounces

Segway Fungicide

Segway Fungicide is a flowable suspension concentrate for control of Pythium and Downy mildew diseases on turf areas associated with golf courses (greens, tees and fairways), sod farms, seed farms, college and proffestional sports fields, residential and commercial lawns. Segway Fungicide can also be used to control Pythium, Phytophthora and Downy mildew diseases on ornamental plants in landscapes and those grown in commercial greenhouses and nurseries. Application by home-owners to residential turf is prohibited.

Rate of use: Between 0.45 to 6 fl. oz. depending on disease being treated and if it is for turf or ornamentals. See full details in product label below.

Active Ingredients: Cyazofamid - 34.5%

Product Label