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Solitare Herbicide - 4 Lbs.

Solitare Herbicide
Dispersible Granule Formulation

Dual-action Solitare herbicide features a patent-pending, optimized combination of sulfentrazone and quinclorac that combats postemergence weeds from the foliage down and the root up. Labeled for the control or suppression of over 60 weeds, Solitare provides fast, visible results with symptoms appearing just a few days after treatment.

Solitare stops the formation of vegetative reproduction structures, reducing the capability of reproduction for the remainder of the season and into the following season. Solitare also impacts viability of seeds within the soil, helping to decrease weed populations this season and next.

Rate of use: 0.75-1.5 lbs./acre
Active ingredients:
  • 56.25% Quinclorac
  • 18.75% Sulfentrazone

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