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Subdue GR Granular Fungicide - 25 Lbs.

Subdue GR Granular Fungicide

Subdue GR is a systemic fungicide for use in ornamentals; turf; nonbearing citrus grown in nurseriesand as landscape plantings; conifers grown in nurseries and plantations, including Christmas trees;and nonbearing deciduous fruit and nut trees in nurseries.ORNAMENTALSFor control of damping-off, and root and stem rot diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora, useSubdue GR on container, bench, or bed-grown ornamentals in greenhouses or outdoor nurseries, andfor professional use on ornamentals grown for indoor and outdoor landscaping. Use this producteither as a soil surface application or pre-potting growing media mix on ornamentals at the time ofseeding and transplanting. Within a rate range given for a specific group of ornamentals, use thelower rate for the shortest interval listed and the higher rate for the longest interval. Under severe disease conditions, use the highest rate and the shortest interval.

Rate of use:
Ornamentals: Between 6 - 125 oz. over 1,000 sq. ft. depending on plants being treated. See product label for full details.
Turf: Between 12.5 - 25 oz. over 1,000 sq. ft. depending on disease being treated.
Active Ingredients: Mefenoxam - 1%Product Label