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Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator - 1 Gallon

Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator

Sumagic Plant Growth Regulator is an effectivegrowth retardant on a wide variety of ornamentalcrops. Sumagic reduces plant height by reducinginternode elongation through inhibition of gibberellinbiosynthesis. The result is more desirablecompact and marketable plants. Sumagic has alsobeen shown to increase the quality of plants evenin the absence of growth reduction. Some of thesedesirable qualities include darker colors, higher chlorophyll content, greater leaf thickness, strongerstems, increased water retention and in some cases,increased flower number and size.Plant response to Sumagic is strongly influenced bycultural and environmental variables such as growingmedia, water/fertilizer management, temperature,light, growing house composition, and othercultural practices. Plant/container size and cultivaror variety can also affect height.First time users ofSumagic should treat a limited number of plants atthe lowest recommended rate. Rate adjustmentsmay then be made according to plant response.Sequential applications of lower rates may be madeas necessary.

Rate of use:
Between 0.13 - 12.7 fl. oz. per gallon. See product label for full details.
Active Ingredients:Uniconazole-P - 0.055%

Product Label