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Sweet Corn Kandy Korn Seed Heirloom - 1 Packet

Heirloom Kandy Korn Sweet Corn Seeds

Everlasting heritage variety, tender super sweet 14-16 rows of yellow kernels on 8" (20 cm.) ears. Non-genetically engineered seeds.

Select sunny location with rich soil. Plant 3 or more rows to assure good pollination. Alternate planting method: Plant in groups (hills) 3' (90 cm.) apart each way, 5 seeds to a group (hill). Cover seeds 1 1/2" (3.75 cm.) deep. Corn likes frequent cultivation. Side dress with fertilizer and keep weeds under control.

Harvest:Silks should be brown and dry.

Cook 6-8 minutes at a boil; blanch to freeze or can.

Planting depth: 1 1/2" (3.75 cm.)
Seed spacing: 6" (15 cm.)
Spacing between rows: 36" (90 cm.)
Days to germination: 6-8
Spacing after thinning: 12"-15" (30-37.5 cm.)
Days to maturity: 89