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Talus 70DF IGR Insecticide - 3 Lbs.

Talus 70DF IGR Insecticide

Talus 70DF insect growth regulator is effective against the nymphal stages of whitefly, scales, psylla, mealybugs, planthoppers, and leafhoppers by inhibiting chitin biosynthesis, suppresssiong oviposition of adults, and reducing viability of eggs. Talus 70DF insect growth regulator is not an adulticide. Evidence of activity may be slower than typical contact insecticides as treated susceptible pests may remain alive on the plant for 3 - 7 days.; however pests have stopped feeding and any feeding damage during this time is typically very low.
Talus 70DF insect growth regulator is not disruptive to beneficial insects and mites.
Talus 70DF insect growth regulator is a contact insecticide, so good spray coverage is necessary. Apply by ground or air in sufficient water volume. Orient nozzles to assure good coverage. Use of higher volume of water will assure better coverage, especially under adverse conditions such as hot, dry weather, and/or a dense canopy. The entire field should be treated. Apply when economi infestations occur based on local information.
Controls: Whiteflies, Mealybugs, Leafhoppers, Planthoppers, Pear Psylla, Scales.
Rate of use: Between 6 - 14 fl.oz. per acre. See product label for full details.
Active Ingredients: Buprofezin - 70%
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