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Tecomate Max-Attract Food Plot - 40 Lbs.

Max-Attract are formulated first and foremost for Maximum Fall Attraction, making it an ideal annual for hunting plots.

Tecomate considers Max-Attract a key choice for successful management programs due to its fast growth and variety of super nutritious plants.

Peas, clover, chicory, cereal grains are all parts of their essentials mix.

Made from only premium seeds for maximum nutrition and energy for rutting bucks.

  • Unprecedented 50% legumes and chicory
  • Peas, vetch, clover, chicory and premium cereal grains
  • Explosive fall growth
  • Maximum attraction/awesome nutrition
  • Packed with energy for rutting bucks
  • Great nutrition in critical spring/early summer
  • A favorite of turkeys
  • Holds deer close to plots
  • Planting Times: Zones 1 & 2: Spring or Fall
  • Planting Times: Zones 3 & 4: Fall
  • Coverage area 1 (one) Acre