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Teff Grass Seed - 10 Lbs.

The Most Widely Grown Teff in the U.S.

Plant 8-10 Lbs. per Acre

- A warm season C4 annual bunch grass that can produce multiple crops of high quality forage during the frost-free growing season.
- Large crowns, a massive root system, profuse tillering and a harvest height of 3-4 feet.
- Excellent hay for horses and livestock.
- Adapted all across the U.S. and can be cultivated on a wide range of soil types.

Crop Origin
Teff is a warm season C4 annual grass that originated in Africa, where it was utilized mainly as a grain crop. An evaluation of the crop in the U.S. has identified it as an excellent forage hay when cut before grain maturity. Tiffany Teff Grass was recently identified from a large collection of plant introductions as one of the better forage producing lines of Teff.

Plant Characteristics
Tiffany Teff Grass has the ability to produce high quality hay in a relatively short growing season. Teff can be cultivated on a wide range of soils and environments, tolerating drought to water logged conditions.

Tiffany Teff Grass is a fine stemmed annual grass similar in appearance to bunch grasses. It has large crowns and numerous tillers with a shallow massive fibrous root system. Plant height at maturity can range from 3-4 feet depending on the environment.

Yield and Quality
Single-cut yields are often in the one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half ton range with qual- ity comparable to other high quality forages like Timothy. In multiple-cut areas, summer production of four to seven tons is often obtainable.

Crop Management
Teff can not tolerate frost and it is recommended to delay spring planting until soil temperature reach 65 degrees F.

Tiffany fTeff is a very small seeded annual grass. The recommended planting rate is 8-10 pounds of coated seed per acre into a firm seed bed to promote good soil to seed contact. The planting depth should be 1/8 to 1/4 inch deep and should not exceed 1/4 inch. Adequate soil moisture or overhead irrigation is ideal for the crops fast germination and seedling growth. Broadcast planting using a Brillion seeder/cultipacker or spinner type seeder is optimal. Brillion Seeder Chart.

Weed control prior to stand establishment is recommended. The split application of 50 to 60 total pounds of N for the season is usually adequate. Excessive fertilization should be avoided to prevent lodging.

Cut before maturity for best feed quality. The first crop depending on location is usually 45-55 days after planting and subsequent cuts can be expected in the same 45-55 day intervals. Rotary cutters are preferred but sickle cutters are fine as long as an even 3-4 inch stubble is left. This stubble provides the growing point for the next crop.

Crop Highlights

  • Low input annual grass.
  • Tiffany Teff Grass is a warm season annual grass that requires a frost free growing season.
  • Teff is a great interim hay crop between alfalfa stands.
  • A profitable rotational crop for alfalfa growers and the premium horse hay market.
  • High quality hay for horse owners with excellent palatability and animal acceptance.
  • Suitable for double cropping.
  • Good hay or pasture crop when late season plantings are required due to a crop failure.
  • Very few disease or pest problems have been observed.
  • Studies indicate Tiffany Teff Grass to be widely adapted and productive.

Plant 8-10 lbs. of seed per acre in a firmly packed seed bedfor best results.