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Tierra Verde Bermuda Grass Pasture Seed - 25 Lbs.

Tierra Verde Forage Bermuda Grass Seed

Tierra Verde bermuda blend features two of Pennington's improved varieties of forage bermuda - Mohawk and Sahara II. This unique, versatile blend contains 50% hulled and 50% unhulled seed, thus allowing a wide planting window from spring to early fall. It is well suited for high traffic sites such as arenas, pasture lanes and other highly maintained areas.
Uses:Tierra Verde can be used for hay, grazing, landscape and vegetative erosion control.
  • Rate: 15 lbs./acre
  • Date: Late spring through early summer when soil temperatures at a 4" depth are 65°F or above. Plow and cultipack to develop a firm seedbed. Proper firmness is indicated by a heel print no more than 1/8" deep in the soil.
  • Depth:1/8" depth maximum.