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Tiger Granular Sulphur Fertilizer 99.5% - 50 Lbs.

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Tiger 90CR Granular Sulphur
Boosts Crop Performance

Elemental Sulfur  99.5% Industrial Grade - 50 Lb may be burned in approved burners in the greenhouse.

It is utilized in several other industries including non-ferrous metals, pigments, fibers, pharmaceuticals, agricultural pesticides, personal care products, cosmetics, synthetic rubber vulcanization, and water treatment. The characteristics of elemental sulfur are: non-metallic chemical element; a yellow crystalline solid; insoluble in water; odorless; and 99.5% pure sulfur.

It is designed to provide industrial sulphur users with a very pure form of sulphur featuring excellent handling characteristics. The material is formed from pure molten sulphur using a drop forming process that results in a compacted granular product known as a “pastille” — a split pea shape with rounded edges that minimize dust creation. This manufacturing process allows Tiger to deliver a quality material that surpasses the requirements of even the most stringent standards in industries such as steel making, pulp and paper, malting, fruit processing, mining, and other industries requiring sulphur. This product is very easy to handle with an extremely low dust content ( < 0.5% fines at manufacturing ), allowing for maximum safety during industrial handling processes.

    Tiger 90CR Sulphur, when used as a part of a balanced fertility program, can provide a season-long source ofsulphur. Tiger 90CR Sulphur can be applied alone or blended with granular fertilizers. Amount required shouldbe based on agronomic recommendations from soil tests.
    Recommendations should also be based on crop removal rates of sulphur.