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FL 401 Winter Rye Grain Seed

What’s the seed rate?

Planting instructions:

• Broadcast 50 to 100 lbs. per acre on plowed ground

• Grain drill 60 to 75 lbs. per acre on a ploughed ground for winter forage

What is 401 Rye used for?

Grain rye comes up early in the season and is widely used for windbreaks, erosion control and for weed suppression. Its wide-ranging root system makes it one of the best green manures for improving soil structure.

It is an excellent soil renovator and pioneer crop for new fields as it stabilizes excess soil and manure nitrogen. Grain rye can grow up to four to five feet and is very fast to establish, producing deer feed in as little as fourteen days in ideal conditions. This winter grazer rye grain is preferred by deer, turkey and rabbit.

What are the best growing conditions for 401 Rye?

Florida 401 rye is a small grain most widely used for winter grassing. Rye is more cold tolerant than oats and generally produces more forage than either oats or wheat.

Do not plant too early but wait until the cool weather begins. Grain rye varieties from northern states will produce little forage in late fall or early winter and will usually be severely damaged by leaf rust. Therefore, only plant varieties recommended for the south eastern United States.

Sometimes a grass or grain may be planted as a wind barrier to protect food crops like tomatoes. It is planted between the rows of the food crop to grow taller and therefore shield the food crop from the damaging effects of strong wind. Florida 401 is an excellent choice for winter wind barrier applications.