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German R Foxtail Millet Seed

German R Foxtail Millet Seed- 1 Lb

German R Foxtail Millet Seed is also known as German millet or foxtail-millet. It is primarily grown for hay. The stems are course and leafy, and more slender than those of pearl millet. It does not produce as much biomass as pearl millet. Like all millets, this species is fast-growing and produces relatively high yields with no danger of producing toxic levels of prussic acid (Lee and Henning, 2014). Avoid feeding severely stressed plants to livestock as they may accumulate high levels of nitrate.

Type: Annual, Warm-season crop that grows 2–5 ft tall

Planting Date: Late spring/ early summer

Rate: 15–20 Lb/acre drilled or 20–30 Lb/acre broadcast in a firm seedbed

Depth: ¼ – ½ in

PH: 5.5 to 7