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Hairy Indigo Seed

Hairy Indigo - Indigofera hirsuta

Hairy Indigo Plant -is a tall, reseeding, summer annual legume that can grow up to four to seven feet high if not grazed. It is mainly used for grazing, and growth is sometimes allowed to develop to provide high quality grazing in the fall for weaned calves or dry cows. Hairy Indigo leaves are also nutritious for goats. When used as a cover crop or green manure crop, hairy indigo can effectively suppress nematodes that might otherwise seriously damage succeeding crops. Besides grazing, hairy indigo has also been used for hay and silage. Hairy Indigo is easy to establish and needs very little management.

Hairy Indigo Plant Time:

Hairy Indigo - is ideally planted between April and July, Hairy Indigo requires a soil pH of up to 6. Hairy Indigowill not grow well or persist on acid soils. Lime may need to be added to achieve the right pH level. It is adapted to sandy soils that have good drainage and grows well on land that may be too dry for other legumes. Hairy Indigo does not grow well on soil that suffers flood for any length of time.

Hairy Indigo Planting Instructions:

Plant 8 Lbs per acre

• For good establishment, 15 lbs. of seed per acre is recommended - disking, rolling or packing the soil after broadcasting the seed gives better results