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Micro Clover Seed

Micro Clover Seed
  • Naturally green
  • Low Maintenance
  • Very healthy lawn
  • Excellent Quality
Beautiful dark green color all year
Microclover feeds the companion grasses with Nitrogen making them look great all year long. The microclover itself has a nice darker green color and together the combination produces a beautiful lawn throughout the year.

Improved drought tolerance
The inclusion of microclover in grass mixtures allows the soil to retain more moisture in the dry periods. The deep green color also sustains the overall lush appearance of grass through the summer. NOTE: Microclover is not available as a straight variety. It must be included in a grass seed mix and the percentage of microclover to grass seed cannot exceed 10%.

Very healthy lawn

"Spoon feeding" the grasses with Nitrogen from the microclover allows for even and healthy grass growth with added disease and weed resistance.