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Tifquik Bahia Pasture Grass Seed

TifQuik Bahia Grass 75% Faster Germination.

  • Plant 25-30 Lbs. per Acre.

TifQuik Bahia Grass Seed released by the USDA and UGA (University of Georgia), TifQuik Bahia Grass shows great promise for forage growers who wish to get a jump on weeds and extend their grazing and hay production season.

Features of TifQuik Bahia Grass For Pasture

  • Reduced hard seed - providing quick establishment
  • Faster Germination - 75% Faster than Tifton9 and Pensacola Bahia Grass in field trial.
  • Early Spring Frost Recovery
  • TifQuik seeded pastures will be covered earlier
  • Grazing or hay removal can be started sooner
  • Higher initial yields
  • Dry matter yields were 2 times higher than Tifton9 and 4 times higher than Pensacola 2 months after planting.

Planting Information For TifQuik Bahia Grass Seed

  • Planting Date: Spring - Mid-Summer
  • Planting Depth: 1/8 - 1/4 inch. Do not plant any deeper or seed will not germinate.
  • Seeding Rate: 25 to 30 lb/acre
  • TifQuik Bahia Grass Yield Comparison Table